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•  Product introduction

Main Features 
"·Luxury Water Dispenser with Purification System
·High Efficient Compressor Cooling
·With Cold & Hot Water
·Durable and Thicker Plastic Body
·With Cup Pushing Water Tap, Elegant Design
·Can also do with bottle uploading
·Can also do with Electrical cooling
·Can put 3.2G purification storage water tank" 
Technical Parameter 

Cols Water Tank Volume:3.6L(304 Stainless Steel)
Cooling Capacity:3L/Hr≤10℃
Hot Water Tank Volume:1L(2L/3.5L hot tank available)
Heating Capacity:5L/Hr≥90℃
Product Size:300*330*1150mm
Packing Carton Size:360*400*1185mm
MOQ:200 pcs
20'' Loading QTY:170 pcs
40HQ Loafing QTY:366 pcs
Price(Compressor Cooling;RO 5-stage purification system;cold&hot water):FOB USD

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